FNA Family Fun Night – Let’s celebrate our volunteers

This is your chance to celebrate your club and association volunteers.  A great opportunity for team bonding and getting together with your FNA community!  Help us to make these nights a success by getting your tickets and attending the night.

WHAT WILL BE HAPPENING AT THE EVENT? This event is a chance to bring our community together, and to celebrate our volunteers in volunteer week. We will acknowledge volunteers on the night, there will be music (DJ), food trucks, the bar, kids in sport, walking netball, raffle prizes and more – Loads of fun!

WHY IS IT TICKETED? We need to be able to effectively cater for all ages and knowing numbers for food trucks and kids in sport etc is important for this. Tickets can be recouped on the night at the Food Trucks and Bar – vouchers will be given out for this.

HOW MUCH ARE TICKETS? Tickets are $5 each or $20 per family of (up to 2 adults and min of 2 children, can be more children – we just need to register how many kids and their ages for catering).

HOW DOES THE TICKET RECOUP WORK? On the night go to the canteen area and we will give you a voucher for your ticket price ($5 or $20) that can be used at either the bar or food trucks. Vouchers are not able to be exchanged for cash, no change is given on vouchers, and vouchers can only be used once.

WHERE CAN I GET TICKETS? Tickets can be purchased via the Facebook event page or directly from the ticketing site at: https://www.trybooking.com/CHOIU

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