Fremantle Netball Association Policies

Netball WA Policies

  • Policies & Procedures, including:
    • Netball WA Membership Policy
    • Netball WA Membership and Affiliation Procedures
    • Netball WA Member Grievance Policy
    • Netball WA Member Disciplinary Policy
    • Netball WA Uniform Position Statement
    • Netball WA Whistleblower Policy
    • Netball WA Photography and Videography Policy
    • Netball WA Weather Policy
    • Netball WA Working with Children Policy (Member)
    • Netball WA Concussion Policy
    • Netball WA Health Guidelines
  • Governance, including:
    • Netball WA Constitution

Netball Australia Policies

  • Club & Association Policies, including:
    • National Facilities Policy
    • Member Protection Policy
  • Integrity Framework Policies, including:
    • Netball Australia Constitution
    • Netball Australia Codes of Conduct
    • Netball Australia Sports Medicine Policy
    • Netball Australia Supplements Policy
    • Netball Australia Competition Manipulation & Wagering Policy
    • Netball Australia Anti-Doping Policy
    • Netball Australia Whistleblower Policy
    • Netball Australia Inclusion of Transgender & Gender Diverse Athletes in Elite Netball
    • Netball Australia Concussion Policy

Rules of Netball