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FNA is committed to providing support and opportunities to players of all levels of netball.

The Fremantle Netball Association’s season runs from April to September annually, encompassing approximately 35 clubs, and over 500 teams ranging from 7 years old to adults. FNA offer strong development programs for coaches, players, and umpires. FNA provides support and a pathway to higher levels of competition, so all members can develop to their full potential.

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Fremantle Netball Association
Fremantle Netball Association1 day ago

This week marks the final week for Max at FNA.

Max has worked in various roles at FNA for over 20 years and most recently, since 2011, in the Association Umpiring Development Officer role.

Max has contributed massively to the association and has been a driving force of all the umpiring programs within FNA. It has been under Max's direction that FNA can proudly boast it's leading position for umpire development and education and the high volume of umpires who have advanced to become national umpiring badge holders within FNA.

Max is well known to many, and I am sure as you reflect on your netball careers you will be able to easily find memories of Max supporting our umpires, players and coaches.

Max, there is so much we can share about your time, much of which we have done on this years grand final day and last night at the club forum - from all of us at FNA enjoy your retirement and we will miss you.

PS: As you all know Max loves a good photo - so if you have any photos of you and Max please share them in our comments below with your memories 😉

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Fremantle Netball Association
Fremantle Netball Association2 days ago
FNA Club forum has a great turn out tonight.

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Fremantle Netball Association
Fremantle Netball Association3 days ago
Congratulations to our 2021 Spring Netball Grandfinal winners.

Pictures below.

#FNA2021 #fnaspringnetball #Freonetball #FremantleNetballAssociation #havefun

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